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    Mindful Yoga Classes Restorative/Yin Yoga with Sound Savasana

    Small Yoga classes, focussing on body awareness rather than asana (pose). I believe that Yoga really is for everyBODY, every type of BODY, everybody’s ability, you may not be able to twist yourself up like spaghetti, but body awareness plus asana, is helpful for body wellness and increased flexibility. I like to break down poses and go slow. We live in a fast paced world, this is a chance to feel into your body and what it needs at this moment. Which can change week to week, depending on what is going on with ourselves.

    €12pp drop in.

    6 weeks – €60

    I love to combine Restorative/Yin Yoga with a LONG Sound Savasana (Savasana is the end pose of a yoga class – Corpse pose). Restorative/Yin Yoga is a gentle practice, which stretches the body in a passive way, a class may consist of 5-6 poses, held for 5 or so minutes, accompanied by music and prose/poems. I follow this with a Savasana with my Sound instruments. The whole workshop is just over 2 hours – yoga for just over an hour, Sound Savasana for 45 minutes or so. Suitable for everybody! Everything is provided for your comfort.