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    Mindful Yoga Classes Restorative/Yin Yoga with Sound Savasana

    Currently I am only teaching 1-1 Yoga Classes. Designed totally with you in mind, physically, mentally and emotionally (even spiritually). I really enjoy bringing more awareness into my Yoginis bodies, so they feel what is going on for them. I love to teach from a slow mindful practice base, building up session on session, with slightly different focus practice on each class. It’s a real joy to bring people form a space of “I can’t do Yoga” to “I feel so good doing this”. Given individual attention, anyone can!

    1-1 Sessions are €35 per session lasting 1.5 hours


    I love to combine Restorative/Yin Yoga with a LONG Sound Savasana (Savasana is the end pose of a yoga class – Corpse pose). Restorative/Yin Yoga is a gentle practice, which stretches the body in a passive way, a class may consist of 5-6 poses, held for 5 or so minutes, accompanied by music and prose/poems. I follow this with a Savasana with my Sound instruments. The whole workshop is just over 2 hours – yoga for just over an hour, Sound Savasana for 45 minutes or so. Suitable for everybody! Everything is provided for your comfort.