Restorative Yoga.Feb23


I feel like I sound like such an old one, when I say, you can see the grand stretch in the evenings, but you can. And there have been some gorgeous sunrises too. Our kitchen faces east, so I get to see them while having breakfast, which is a lovely start to the day. Daffodils are blooming in my garden, the signs of growth beginning again.

Imbolc or Brigid’s day was the beginning of February, the midpoint between the astronomical Winter Solstice (Dec 22nd 2022) and the astronomical Spring Equinox (March 20th 2023), it’s one of the cross quarter days in the Celtic calendar. Imbolc comes from old Irish for Spring – I mbolg – which means ‘in the belly’. In the belly is figurative, as in the belly of the Earth, like seeds/bulbs are before they grow and spring up! But perhaps, it could be literally in someone’s belly… I guess in terms of sheep.. they are due their lambs!

Imbolc is the time of the year when ewe’s milk comes in, as lambs are often born around this time – the 10th century monk Cormac in his famous glossary gives – “ Oimelc = beginning of spring, i.ei. oi-melg = ewe milk, as in this is the time that sheeps’ milk comes in to nourish their lambs… love to see them frolicking around in fields at this time of year.

We had a great turnout to our Brigid’s celebrations in Gort, felt like a couple of hundred, maybe on the Saturday 4th. I was really chuffed to bits, to be part of it.. I got to gong my Gong before HERSELF started. And the Brigid’s Windows, art exhibition in shop windows was up until today, a really great way to bring art to the street, it can be quite intimidating going into an art gallery sometimes. What a fantastic array of talented local artists, with a variety of art mediums all on the theme of Brigid. We also, have the national schools Brigid’s cloaks too, great to see so many show up for the Procession. Walking along wearing them, like modern St. Brigid casting her cloak to get her land to build her monastery! All ages represented there.

I am continuing on with embellishing my Brat Bhride scarf, it’s coming along nicely. And going to give a space for people to come along and join me in that, maybe making a healing scarf for yourself or someone else. Not a sewing lesson, but a space to come and sit together, and stitching in good intentions.

Other workshops


Friday 17th – SPACE

Friday 24th – FULLY booked



Saturday 25th from 7pm €30pp  (4 spaces left now)

Accessible to anyone, no previous experience required. Resting, restoring, supported stretching.

One previous attendee, new to restorative yoga, felt no pain in her neck the next day (and she has a pain every morning), another felt that her sleep was amazing, like she had a weighted blanket on her…  It truly is amazing where it can bring you, with mini-hands on craniosacral treatment, props, comfort and resting.


And of course, February is Valentines, you know what they say you can’t pour from an empty cup, so self-love is also important!!

If you like to know more about any of the above, contact me through email fiona@lamhclinic or 0872232394

Happy February