PopArt Brigid cover

Sleeping through Storms and Notebooks

So February is almost over, I can’t quite believe it. We had quite a swift blast of stormy weather over the course of a few days. I spent the stormy time in my bed, fighting with a viral dose. Morning of first storm, I tested positive and spent the next few days in a dream-like state. But I am now back to myself, after a week and a half. Great intentions of catching up on my website monthly update, but it, like a lot of other things, went out the window as I focussed on getting myself better. I took lots of different to help me get there, from homeopathy, to herbalism, honey cough syrup (made by my son!), litres of herbal tea and water, and in the initial few days, I took some over the counter medication, when I felt really bad. But mainly I slept a lot on and off, which is the best medicine of all. So I slept through nearly all of the storms, with a very vague awareness of what was going on outside. I feel I had my own storm going on within!

One thing, that I got done before this hit me – was to upload my notebooks on Amazon, they were reviewed and passed their quality control, and are now on sale! So I now have 2 different Goddess Brigid ones, with the original artwork and a POPart version (done by my daughter years ago), I’ve also a notebook/planner with a cover picture of Traught Beach, Kinvara – a place where I take the dog for a refreshing winter walk…. It’s a cracking photo of FREEDOM! Well to me, a bracing winter walk, removing the cobwebs – what we all need when we sit to journal or write notes to ourselves…. You’ll find them under my name or follow the link below for one of them!

So March is only around the corner – Pancake Tuesday is March 1st – I’m a maple syrup/lemon juice pancake topper! I find if, there’s ice-cream on the topping menu, people are far more eager to get up for school. A win – win!

Sound Bath Meditations in my clinic in March

Friday 11th and Friday 25th at 7pm

Women’s Circle for Spring Equinox SUNDAY March 20th 11am til 2pm(ish), a blend of Celtic calendar ritual, cacao ceremony, shamanic journey and a creative process – this one is really lovely for this gathering.

If you’d like to book in for any of the above – contact me on 0872232394 or email fiona@lamhclinic.ie