Wild Garlic Smoulder sticks

May, I have some Wild Garlic

Walking in the local forested areas, the ground is carpeted in Wild Garlic, the flowers are really coming up now. And the faint onion-y smell (is onion-y a word??)

I love garlic, but I really love Wild Garlic. I shared on my Instagram stories about how I use it nowadays, so it lasts longer. Pick the fresh leaves, give them a rinse, allow them to drain. Then I mince them up with a drop of olive oil, and squish them into an ice-cube tray. Allow them to freeze, then pop them into a bag in the freezer. Ready to use whenever! I used a few different methods before, but this I found the best by far!

Other handmade items were my Smudge/Smoulder sticks we made at the Bealtaine Women’s Circle. Most of the herbs and flowers came from my own garden. Mine – in the photo above – had Cedar, Rosemary, Marigold petals, Sage with flowers, Lavender and Mint – all tied up with string. They smell divine, over time the plants dry out, but it’s still usable. I have one, that I got from a few years ago.

From my research, Smudge sticks are often associated with Native American culture and using White Sage, which I have used in the past. But White sage isn’t from Ireland and it appears it may be over cultivated. So I like the idea of using locally harvested plants, herbs and flowers. Smudging could well have been part of lots of ancient cultures and practices, to cleanse a person, or an area. But I liked the term Smoulder stick, when I read it, as that is exactly what these sticks do!

My next Women’s Circle will be for Summer Solstice held on Sunday June 19th at 7pm, with the long evenings, we may even get to bring it outside, weather permitting! This year astronomically Summer Solstice is on Tuesday June 21st, it doesn’t always fall on the date exactly!

So looking forward to the longer days of summer, there’s a grand stretch in the evenings already. And seeing all the fruits of my winter/spring planting in the garden too. It’s the first time, I’ve owned my own garden space. When we first moved, I had about 40 pots to replant! Most things have taken off well and I’ve had a few surprises.

Sound Bath May dates

Gort – Friday 13th at 7pm (Day of the Goddess!)

SETU Yoga Studio, Clarinbridge –  Friday 20th at 7pm

Hope you all have a wonderful Bealtaine!

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