Summer Smudge Sticks in July rain

Seriously, you would want a boat recently, with the downpouring of rain. My garden is blooming a bit happier now, as it was looking a bit overcooked with the absolutely gorgeous scorching weather. I really enjoy the warm sunny weather; I think I was a lizard in a previous life! I really like wearing sandals and no socks. 

Hard to believe, we are halfway through July already. Almost time to be considering the upcoming school year. In our house, it’s THE LAST school year, as my twins go into their final year of secondary school. That was quite something to realise, when I received the school calender, that this will be the last time sending anyone to school for 16 years! Time’s fun when your having flies, said one frog to the other. 

I’ve been making some smudge sticks for a lovely lady in Dublin, it came up in conversation, when she asked what could she do with all her rosemary in her garden? And I was describing smudge sticks. The one photographed above, was made from herbs and flowers in my garden – mugworth, mint, cedar, balm, wild roses, marigold, St. John’s Wort, spearmint, wild yarrow – they all have their own benefits to using to smudge a space or room. I just combine them, on the day, as feels right. I also used rosemary – which was kindly donated by a friend who has a small tree of it! I stupidly moved my own rosemary from a spot it was doing nicely in, but it didn’t take to the new location, so I replanted it for a second time and it’s finally coming back after the trauma. You live and learn. Smudge sticks, do look absolutely fab, when they are first made, they do dry out after time, but I prefer to use them, as they are natively growing plants, regardless of their beauty, or lack there of!  

Before school returns, I’m running a half day workshop on — How-to use a Tibetan Singing Bowl for sound therapy, healing, one-to-one work, for yourself. A bit on the history, theory and plenty time to play and practice. This is not a certified course, but perfect for someone who may have a Tibetan Singing Bowl, or is considering buying one. And they would like to learn the basics, it really is intuitive play, but there are a few no-nos. Like lots of other things, practice makes perfect! If you think you might be interested or know someone who might be – it’s on Sunday August 27th 10.30am til 2.30pm, refreshments and nibbles included. €47pp. You do not need to own a bowl, but if you do bring it along, for the workshop we will be using my Sound Therapy family of bowls and other instruments. The maximum attendees is 6, it will be a small intimate gathering. And enough bodies to swop around a few times, to practice on. 

Sound Bath Meditations 


Friday 28th at 7pm (2 spaces left right now) €20pp 


Thursday 10th at 7pm. Thursday 24th at 7pm 

Introduction to Sound Therapy, using Tibetan Singing Bowls — 3 spaces left right now

Sunday 27th 10.30am to 2.30pm — €47pp 

So that’s this months update! Might be next months too…! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. If you are interested in any of the above – message, phone or Wood Pigeon to 0872232394 or email