flowers in my garden

Summer is here? Somewhere

So we’ve passed the Summer Solstice on June 20th, though I attended a gathering in Kilkenny on Sunday 23rd with the grove I’m a member of, though I don’t always get to attend in person at every Celtic festival. I tend to make the summer ones. And the sun beat down on us for a gorgeous gathering at Three Castles, our ceremony conducted totally outside in a grove of trees. I represented the West in the ceremony led by Eimear Burke. If one was to look out the window today, one would wonder, had I somehow transported myself to the Southern Hemisphere and I was after celebrating the Winter Solstice!

On my return home though, the garden had taken another growth spurt and new flowers in bloom. I discovered I had Evening Primrose come up again this year. I had gotten seeds a few years back, though last year I didn’t seem to have any flowers. It has surpassed itself this year, the plant has grown gigantic, and if you’ve never gotten to smell the flower, it really is a treat to the senses… I couldn’t really do it justice to describe it – Flowery and Fresh, yet woody and spicy! And I have a Large flower Evening Primose. If you live close by, feel free to come by and give it a sniff.

In our house, we have completely come to the end of our collective schooling journey, though I’d like to hope for lots more education, in a variety of ways and methods still. Life is a journey of learning! I’m not sad to see the back of it. Having twins complete the Leaving Cert is a journey of learning in itself. One has been offered a place on a course she is interested in taking and we awaiting on the other application. Fingers crossed they both get to find their way in another level of education, whatever way that is. Every learning adds to the pot, and any skill they pick up, is of value. Even as I sit here, touch typing, a skill I learned after I completed my Leaving cert, a 100 years ago! It has been, a great skill to have, in lots of different aspects of life thus far.

So now the Leaving Cert is over, I am beginning to plan workshops for the rest of the summer

Sound Bath Meditations upcoming in Limestone Yoga Studio, Corofin, Co. Clare

Saturday July 27th at 7pm

Friday August 9th at 7pm (only 4 spaces left)

€20pp. Lasts 90 minutes

Booking through me on 0872232394

Lámh Clinic is open 4 days per week in July and August.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Saturdays by arrangement, usually one per month.

 1-1 treatments in Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Therapy (I do hold 2 person Sound Bath Meditations in my clinic space by arrangement)

I will be taking some time off from Friday 19th July to Weds 24th, a family wedding, and a birthday treat to myself! Important to stop and pause. And due to some refurbishment work, there will be a shutting of shop in August too. Pending tradesmen arrangements.

In other news, I was delighted to be part of a fundraising exhibition in Oranmore in early June, we raised €21000 for a Trauma Centre in Nuseirat Camp in Gaza. At the opening event, Dr Richard Kimball gave a short history of the founding of centre and spoke on behalf of the founder. Dr Kimball mentioned that they use Focusing as part of the treatment with children there, which is a part of Craniosacral Therapy training. I found really interesting, such a seemingly simple technique, that is accessible to all really regardless of where we are in the world. Developed years ago by American psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin. A technique to help you open up your inner world of deeper feelings and intuition – and shows how to listen to others with more empathy. Look it up if you’re curious about learning more, there are people who offer online classes.

Anyway hope the sun beams down on us for the wedding, so I’ll take the rain now!