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    Sound Bath Meditation

    In my Sound therapy work – I use a variety of instruments from Tibetan Singing Bowls to large Paiste Gongs. Tibetan Singing Bowls are healing, vibrational, handmade metal bowls that create a sacred, harmonic sound when struck. They have been used for centuries all over the Himalayan regions. Gongs are individually made by a master gong maker, Paiste have been making gongs for over 100 years now. Sound therapy can be beneficial to treat various conditions of the mind, body and spirit. When these instruments are played they vibrate at the equivalent of our Thieta brainwave, this is the brainwave we achieve when we meditate, do a repetitive action eg knitting, colouring or what is described as motorway hypnosis! You are alert but don’t need to focus on what you are doing. A Sound Therapy session induces that peaceful state in every cell of a participant. It is deeply relaxing and restoring! Experience is the best explanation.

    One cardiac surgeon recently was reported to say, “A surgeon NOT using music (therapy) in the operating room is simply being negligent,” because he has found it be so significant in his patients recovery. Some people say ‘sound healing is the new yoga’, meaning that it will soon be practiced everywhere.

    1:1 sessions are available or I also hold Group Luxury Sound Baths – where each attendee gets to rest upon a recliner chair, with a sheepskin rug, blanket and eyebag. I have also run these for small privately arranged groups, my instruments and I have been known to travel from lofts to living rooms, bedrooms to old folks homes, school classrooms, community halls to yoga rooms! I have run Sound Bath Meditations from groups of 2 to 104.

    1:1 Treatment session €70 per person

    Group workshop – €20 pp

    You can check out a sample sound bath recording over here