Sheela na Gig, Spring Equinox, Horse Manure and Roses

Spent Sheela na Gig eve, carving out a Sheela from the plaster cast mould I had made in my Art course – and a even happier Sheela Day evening printing them on coffee-stained cloth! I think they came out rather wonderful. Printing the Sheelas on cloth, was quite a meditative process, as my carving was NOT totally level – my first time trying this carving – so my initial face-down printing didn’t work! so to pull a print from my carving, I found, I had to massage the cloth into the carving, but they were FAB when I got it to work (in my humble opinion!) … spent the day of Sheela out in the garden, planting roses in composted horse manure. Amazing what gorgeous flowers can grow from poo. It seems my dogs, might like it too! Which is a tad odd.  

Spring is the season, in Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Liver and Gallbladder… the Liver is the General (in TCM), when applied to our inner landscape, it is associated with Qi movement, blood flow, emotion control and expression, and our desire to evolve. On the other hand, the Liver’s right-hand strength is controlled by the Gallbladder, which makes decisions. Its function in the body is the bile excretion.

Since the liver is reflected in the eyes, it is crucial to concentrate on seeing things just as they are right now. Naturally, spending time in nature—especially among trees—is a really great way to harmonize with and welcome the powerful Wood energy. Encouraging deliberate movement with your body will facilitate the easy passage of Qi whether it’s walking or Yoga or whatever movement you enjoy. Any movement is excellent to increase the flow of your liver qi, which will lessen physical and emotional stagnation.

Interestingly enough, I went for an eye test a couple of weeks ago, so I’m looking forward to seeing more clearly!

I’ve had a lot of sinus related enquiries recently, this time of year, around Spring Equinox is often a time, with the weather being changeable that people catch a dose. But acupuncture can be wonderful for treating blocked sinuses, whether it’s acute or a bit more chronic, one or two sessions can really help people to feel clear headed, feel like they can smell again or taste their food. Of course, there’s a few things we can do to help ourselves, avoiding diary, sugar and for some people even wheat, just while the sinuses are an issue, it really helps too. Increasing fluids, warm or room temperature is better than cold or with ice. Plus don’t get fooled by the warm spell, and throw off too many layers!

It’s not quite no sock weather just yet…. Maybe after Easter

Upcoming workshops in April

Friday April 5th at 7pm

Limestone Yoga studio, Corofin, Co. Clare

Sound Bath Mediation lasting 90 minutes. €20pp

In the gorgeous surrounding of the Burren landscape, lie back, rest and renew, bathed in the sounds of various instruments. Many attendees say it really helps their sleep


Sunday April 14th 9am to 12 noon

Athenry Wellness Studio


Intention setting, Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Bath Meditation

and Health lunch. €49pp

Join us Sunday morning, for a wonderful combination Wellness retreat, for mind, body and spirit. Perfect to centre you, nourish you and reset you. Booking essential as places are limited


Sunday April 21st 7-9.30pm

SETU Yoga Studio, Clarinbridge

Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath Savasana. €30pp

Join me (Fiona) for a nourishing Restorative Yoga class, we will do 4 to 5 poses. Then lie for Yoga Nidra – guided meditation. Wonderfully rounded off with Sound Bath Mediation (Fat Savasana) – Restorative yoga is accessible to everyone, this is a wonderfully relaxing, deeply restful for the nervous system. Perfect for a Sunday night.

Enjoy the Easter Eggs