needles in zoomball

SEPTEMBER – the New NEW YEAR, QTT Diploma, return to school and wellbeing

I can’t believe it’s September already, it is a great time to start new habits, practices, hence I heard it called the New NEW YEAR! Doing a cleanse myself, not too harsh, but cutting out sugar, hidden and otherwise. My next phase will be to find Kefir grains, I find it great in a morning smoothie…. Of course, I really should have sourced them first, but that part only came to my mind the other day. I found kefir grains, with fruit a great way to get my 5 a day in my fruit intake. I confess, I am a lover of vegetables, but not a great fruit eater. September is also a really good month, to boost your health before our winter comes fully in to roost. Acupuncture and/or cupping can be a wonderful way to mind our wellbeing and immune health.

I bid farewell to August, and summertime, by holding an outdoor Sound Bath Meditation in the Burren Farm Experience, the Bathers got to use their bell tents, with blow-up mattresses…. It was a magical experience, we had the soft breeze in the trees at the start, birds were singing and it’s a wonderfully secluded spot they have. There will be some workshops held out there in 2022! Full of FAB places from Lough Bunny to green fields.

I completed my Diploma in QTT – Quantum Thinking Technologies in August, a powerful talking technique, which helps to release old disempowering subconscious patterns that potentially hold people back, from achieving their desired goals. It’s an empowering modality, that helps to deals with life’s ups and downs. QTT is for anyone wishing to see positive change in their life – from feeling Overwhelmed or stuck, Procrastination or lack of motivation, seeking more fulfilment in life, needing some direction or more confidence. QTT as a practice, is usually completed in 2-3 sessions.

As the evenings, are getting shorter, we won’t be taking any near mid-night rambles with The Hound. We have certainly enjoyed the Gort Riverwalk, a few times every week, it’s a beautiful spot, right in town, with wild flowers in abundance. The Hound loves to go there for his dip!

The picture on the right, is of acupuncture needle handles through a ZoomBall – I love playing with them!

Here’s hoping your transition from summer to late summer!

Is full of ease and wellbeing….