Season is definitely changing, there is a chill in the air. Time for the wooly socks, hats and scarves… of which I have plenty to choose from. Funny how no matter how much choice, one has, one tends to the same wear or use the same few. I love this time of the year, the crispness of the days, the sunshine – warm if you are inside! The crunchiness of leaves underfoot. I was out walking The Hound the other day and we came across a whole pile of crab apples, he enjoyed chasing one I threw along the path, but he didn’t try to eat it. And we found at least four kinds of mushrooms, I confess I’m not a very knowledgeable person on mushrooms, I know a few and am aware that picking and eating the wrong ones, can be quite a dangerous thing. So I tend to stick with those I know. I brought my twins on a mushroom identifying foraging walk years ago, neither eat mushrooms, but once Milo was told which ones to pick, he filled numerous baskets with them!

SAMHAIN in the Celtic calendar marks the end of the year and November the beginning of a New Year, so with that in mind, I am holding a Celtic Themed Women’s Circle – Moon Mná elements plus a Cacao Ceremony (a heart opening medicine) with some creative space to plant some seeds for the New Year….October 31st 11am to 1.30pm.  I always like to see if I can begin a project at this time of year, then it’s established by Christmas time. No matter how small. I’ve never been one for the January New Year resolutions, I find it’s a hard time to begin new practices, ideas…. But over the winter there’s time to let things develop. In terms of Chinese Medicine, it’s a Yin time – time to go inwards. Amazing how various cultures have similar ideas.

I have also added to my practice with my QTT – Quantum Thinking Technologies – a personal development accredited modality created by Moira Geary (the Recombobulator) – QTT is a gentle yet powerful talking technique. Which helps to release old disempowering subconscious patterns, which no longer serve us and allowing us to achieve new positive desired outcomes. It is for anyone seeking change in their life – personal or professional. Health, career, Relationships, Finances, Business, Life changes.. general wellbeing. QTT is for anyone who is suffering with Stress, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Lack of motivation, Lack of fullfilment in life and/or Relationships, Lacking confidence, Self Sabotage, Difficulty reaching goals…. until Jan 2022, 2 sessions will be the price of one usual session. A client usually only requires 2 -3 sessions to see a difference with whatever the issue is that they have. Amazing to see the difference in people.

Hope you get to plant some seeds for the Spring – I’m off to put some daffodil bulbs in the ground before the frost!