FINALLY, getting back to writing my monthly website update, you’d think it was a thesis, it has taken me so long. SAMHAIN – Halloween is possibly my favourite celebration of the year, well maybe outside of Brigid’s Day (Brigid is receiving her first Bank Holiday in 2023). I love the fun, the dress-up, the naughtiness of Samhain… I don’t generally wear make-up, but on Samhain, I wear enough for all other 364 days!

I was out walking with The Hounds, the other afternoon near Thoor Ballylee (the home of WB Yeats), kicking my way through all the dried leaves, and the gorgeous scrunchy sound they make. And the deep oranges, red, rust colours that abound in the trees, and the leaves. Yet we found an abundance of Haws, on a tree near the river there. Which was flowing rapidly and that mesmerizing sound of a fast-flowing river, through where there once had been a mill. Sounds in nature, are so soothing to me

Speaking of sounds –

Luxury Sound Bath Meditations in Lámh Clinic for November – Friday 4th, Friday 18th at 7pm

Other offering in November  

RESTorative Yoga – Yoga Nidra – Sound Bath Meditation (Savasana) Sunday 20th from 7pm

a wonderfully nourishing 2.5-hour workshop for Body, Mind + Soul. Limited to 8 attendees (5 spots remaining right now). Restorative Yoga is not a fast-paced yoga practice, it’s supportive and resting, but still has some benefits of stretching. There are only 4 to 5 poses over the 60 minutes of the class. Yoga Nidra is described as Yogic Sleep, it’s a type of guided meditation. And then ending with a Sound Bath to really deepen into the restoring mode… attendees at the last one, told me they slept so well the night after this workshop. I shall be holding them monthly over the winter months, it’s a gorgeous winter practice, well you can practice, of course at any time, but resting practices seem to fit well in our winter season.

Like the seeds we plant in the ground, at this time, resting before getting ready to sprout forth in Spring onwards. I’ve tonnes of seeds collected from my garden this year. Looking forward to getting ready to start planting some after Samhain.

And in November I shall be getting my Brigid’s diary published for 2023, this has been in the pipeline for well over a year now. Even before Brigid was gifted a National Holiday, but wonderful coincidence for 2023… looking forward to getting that finished and the first copy in my hands!  And of course, using it for the whole of 2023. So watch this space…

All one to one sessions ongoing for Acupuncture, Craniosacral + Sound Therapy. Yoga classes. The 5 week Art Journaling classes were really delightful. It was really lovely, to share with a curious group who wished to explore combining the two elements of Art + Journaling. Planning on a day workshop for December, to get really stuck in for a few hours at one time! Limited numbers, for a pre-Christmas creative burst! If you’d like to be on the list for that, let me know

Slán for now


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