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Anyone who has been to a Sound Bath Meditation with me, will know I would say, no two Sound Baths I hold, are ever the same, I do not have a set script. So this Sound Bath recording, is just that, as it was on the day it was recorded, all in one go. It is for you to download and listen to on any device that you wish. My personal preference is on a laptop/phone using a Bluetooth speaker, though I know some people like to use headphones, whatever works for you to enjoy more. Please don’t listen to it while driving, it’s designed for relaxation and hopefully to aid sleep. So best to get comfy, warm and settled before you press play. It is an hour and 13 minutes long. It was recorded in a lovely converted cowshed, which is now a professional recording studio, outside Gort

The sample video, is a grouping of snippets from the recording that same day, with photos taken by my lovely friend Nadine, my son and myself!

Thank you

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