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Handmade in small batches – 100% Rosehip oil with essential oils of Frankincense, Lavender and Patchouli. Rosehip oil is helpful for regeneration of cells, can be good for mature skin in particular, but not specifically for it. Frankincense is also beneficial for skin regeneration, Lavender for skin treatment and Patchouli – anti-wrinkles (maybe laughter lines!). As this is 100% Rosehip oil, some customers like to further dilute it with their favourite carrier oil. I have a number of people (both male and female) who love using it, daily and some like it at night too. A 30ml bottle used daily, lasts 2 months. And for a Home SPA treatment, use the Rosehip Face Serum with a Jade Facial Roller.













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Rosehip Face Serum 15ml, Rosehip Face Serum 30ml, Rosehip Face Serum 15ml + Jade Facial Roller


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