November, Cupping – Black Friday and Christmas  

Can’t quite believe we are half way through November already!

For those that didn’t know already, I moved my one-to-one practice to my home, right in Gort town centre. I spent 6 years practicing from Glynn’s Hotel, it is a fabulous spot, which was really good for me and my business. But change was afoot. I began an Art, Craft and Design course in September – a return to something similar I had done, maybe 20 odd years ago! And I am absolutely loving it, drawing, ceramics, painting and my work placement with the lovely Sandra of Irish Fibre Crafters – learning all things fibre related from skirting (cleaning fleece) to spinning! My commute for the past 3 years, from home to Glynn’s Hotel, was 5 or 6 minutes, now I’ve halved that!

Recently I was treating a lady, who has hurt her shoulder from work related repetitive strain mixed with upper back/neck tension.  She had had several sessions with a physio before coming to see me, those had brought her so far, but she had never experienced CUPPING! I practiced a combination of cupping, followed by acupuncture, moxa and massage – when I saw her again two weeks later, the marks from the cups were just fading away. She couldn’t get over how freer her upper back felt, neck tension had disappeared totally after one session and there was some ease in her shoulder pain. Cupping is a stand-alone treatment, though I often use it in conjunction with my other therapies. Cupping massage therapy does wonders for improving circulation, promoting healing, it’s like reverse massage, using suction instead of pressure, so they can be glided over the spine. I’ve read where 5 minutes of cupping was compared to 30 minutes of deep tissue massage. A person can look like they have been attacked by an octopus (one client’s daughter described it as so) or they have marks that look like pepperoni! It is the one treatment; I have trained my eldest son to practice on me – I love it so much. I’ve used cups from head to soles of feet (for plantar fasciitis), it’s great to drain lymph, help muscles to heal, I’ve used them to help a teenage girl suffering with migraines! I have all shapes and sizes of cups, for using on all parts of the body – the smallest diameter is .5cm, largest 7cm. If you’ve never tried it – treat yourself to a cupping session. I refer to it as a positive negative, in that a cupping session, can leave bruises – but they are not painful. Your body views it as inflammation and sends nutrient rich blood to the area, to help it heal – so while the bruises are healing, your body is treating itself! Pretty awesome I think…

Speaking of bruises – Black Friday is approaching at the end of the month! A bruise to the wallet perhaps! From what I’ve heard, or depending where you are, might result in the physical bruising! I don’t really observe it. BUT the end of the year gift buying frenzy, is not too far away – so if you are looking to treat someone, how about a treatment treat – I can email on eVouchers for anyone, for any quantity of sessions. An eVoucher could make a lovely gift into 2024 for someone, time out, me-time, try out something new.

I’ve just received my Goddess Brigid Diary 2024 – I’ve 2 versions of her this year, one the same as last year’s version with my Brigid image and a popart version, my daughter did years ago. Which I love too. They are available to buy anyhwere through amazon – or type Goddess Brigid Diary 2024 into search bar! and you’ll see both of them there on first page! And I have a few in stock in my clinic too!

Upcoming workshops for December (near Christmas!)

Sunday Dec 3rd in SETU. Clarinbridge at 7pm

Restorative Yoga – Yoga Nidra – Sound Bath Meditation (including mini hands-on Craniosacral therapy) €30pp

No previous experience necessary.

Sunday Dec 10th in Marie’s Wellness Yoga Studio, Athenry  – 10am to 1pm

Breathwork. Yoga. Sound Bath Mediation. Yummy lunch €47pp

Sunday Dec 17th – Limestone Yoga Studio

Sound Bath Meditation from 7pm €20pp

90 mins in a gorgeous underfloor heated Yoga Studio

If you have any questions about any of the workshops, or would like to book in

Please contact me via text/WhatsApp 0872232394 or email