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    Lámh Clinic Moon Mná Circles

    Inspired by the Irish Goddesses, our fore-mother’s Moon Circles and the ancient wisdom of Ireland’s Sacred Sites, we gather in Circle once a month to share Celtic Rites of Passage, Blessings and Divine Feminine Ceremonies, which have organically emerged attuned to the Irish Goddesses, Grandmother Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the year.

    We honour the Irish Goddesses from the Pre-Christian Tribe of Mother Earth (Tuatha Dé Danann) by sharing their legends and ancient Rites of Passage. These Divine Feminine deities were revered by our Ancestors, as they were closely connected to Nature and offered counsel in their lives. The Moon Mná Themes have evolved over the years, by the practice and gathering of all the women who sat in Circle, the inner journeying (Shamanic) of Irish Sacred Sites and the vibrant energy of the Celtic and pre-Celtic Goddesses of Ireland, mindful of the Seasons and Grandmother Moon (Full, New etc).

    Lámh Clinic Moon Mná Circles all include Shamanic Drumming, Sacred Ceremony and Rites of Passage, plus a mishmash of what I practice and feel would be appropriate to create a wonderful monthly theme, including Sound therapy instruments, some movement, creative space, incorporating a physical, emotional and a spiritual aspects to our Gatherings.

    At present, we are meeting on ZOOM, which with the right intention is an amazing Virtual Gathering. Before the event, depending on the theme, I like to send out the attendees some essential oils, which connect us on another level.

    Zoom €15 per person