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    Life Coach


    noun – a person employed to help people attain their goals in life

    Everyone has massive potential, but more often than not, we need someone outside of ourselves, to help us reach it. Life can be challenging – whether it’s a physical challenge, it’s your career, financially, emotionally or mentally – No matter who you are, almost everyone has trials and tribulations to overcome. There is no single program for becoming more content with your life, I use a number of techniques and exercises to help you achieve your end goal.

    Sometimes everyBODY needs a HAND…

    With one to one Life Coaching sessions, designed for you and your unique experiences. Sessions are conducted either by in person meetings in my clinic or conducted over Zoom from the comfort of your own home or workplace. A series of sessions are required to achieve your goals, from 4 sessions up to 8, depending on the client and the complexity of their ongoing issues.

    A sessions lasts one hour – €100 x4 (6 and up discounted)