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Writing Pieces & Faerie Rites

So this month we are hitting some record high temperatures in Ireland, I love the heat but even for me, it’s rather sticky! We as a family, are enjoying the Gort River Walk which is under a 10 minute walk from our house. Our now, 5 month old, puppy Dalf – shortened from Gandalf – thought too BIG of a name for a puppy, we are Lord of the Rings fans – he loves to splash about in the water of the river and run down by the bank along the path through the wild flowers, he was trying to catch dragonflies the last day. Highly amusing to watch and no he didn’t catch one.

I have written two pieces this month, for two different books, both projects by Karen Ward – one on Irish Goddesses and the other is next year’s Moon Mná Diary-Journal. I’ve bought one of the diary-journals for the past 4 years, so it’s really lovely to be now a contributor. I have had them for sale in my clinic, for the past two years, they make lovely gifts for christmas and they always sell out.
I have just completed my 13 months of Moon Mná Circle Facilitator training, for the training year, we follow the instructions as given, but now as a fully certified facilitator, I can begin to bring in my own elements. I’m percolating through some ideas right now, some movement and I love to bring home something I make from a workshop, whether it’s an art piece or a DIY aromatherapy item. So looking forward to creating unique Lámh Clinic Moon Mná circles with the monthly themes. All of which, moved me in different ways and taught me things about myself and the goddesses of Ireland.

So the next circle will be on July 31st at 7pm, we will meet in person in Lámh Clinic and then move outside to the River Walk….. to complete the rites & sacred ceremony. I’m looking forward to it and the art we will create and get to bring home!
Hope you are managing to keep your cool and enjoy the sunshine