January Intentions not REsolutions

Happy New Year 2022 – we are over half way through now…
I don’t really like the idea of January REsolutions…. I like the idea of New Year Intentions, I often feel that January 1st is not the time really, in the middle of winter and someways through Christmas Holiday time. A tricky time, I feel, to start a whole heap of new habits, or give up ones we are well practiced at. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with new habits, just that a date isn’t the dictate of it, you are. And new habits, ones you wish to sustain, start with micro-movements… A personal observation is, it’s always a good idea to have some idea of what those new habits may be, before Jan 1st, if that is when you wish to begin them.
For myself, personally, I wished to give time to some sort of creativity in 2022, I signed up to a Creative Freedom Bootcamp with Amanada Grace, a short online course in Art Journaling – it appealed to me as a starting point. I signed up, in December 2020 with a start date of Jan 12th… and it has been a most enjoyable 5 days of online classes, with a lovely group and the classes have really ignited my creative streak, not in quite the way I thought it would either. Surprisingly refreshing. Early in the new year, I found a photography course, for Self-Knowledge, with prompts, reflections and artists to check out for inspiration. With my mobile phone, I have become an avid photographer, for myself and documenting a day, a walk or capturing some gorgeous shots of nature or special places. So this is a different way to approach that… And who knows where these will go, I’m only on month ONE!
So looking forward to what will be CREATED in 2022!
Other news – Sound Bath dates in January Friday 21st & Friday 28th – all at 7pm! BRIGID IMBOLC Women’s Circle on January 30th 11am –2pm (ish)… I hope you heard by know, that Brigid’s Day is going to become our new National Holiday from 2023!
And an aside… a resolution implies that there is a problem.