Hello and welcome to Lámh Clinic website. Delighted to have you here.

As we begin a new year, lots of people take up new projects or resolutions. The website is a new project for me. But I am not a person who takes up New Year Resolutions… I figure if I can’t do something on April 15th, why am I going to START it on Jan 1st. I heard a good idea, a few years ago, which always stuck with me…. Change one thing a month (that can be increase water intake, to take up a walk) and you change 12 things in a year. Change one thing a week and you change 52 things in a year…. That is a lot of changes!

I do like to have some projects pending or a challenge to partake of – so last week I began a Yin Yoga challenge, it was instigated by a previous Yin Yoga teacher I had, this is the 4th challenge, I think, since last year. The idea is like in Yin Yoga, where we hold a pose for a few minutes, then build up the time each week, over the period of a few weeks. As I say, this is a Yin Yoga challenge, so the names of poses are slightly different to the usual. The January challenge is Sleeping Swan (aka Pigeon Pose) held for the first week for 3 minutes a side, then this week 5 minutes a side. Years ago, I loathed Pigeon Pose, I found it SO uncomfortable. The other night I was doing my 5 minutes a side and I fell asleep on my left side, which is usually my less comfortable side. It made me realise, how far I have come in my practice, it was even an improvement from the first week of the challenge. And to fall asleep while doing it… I would never have dreamed of that, years ago!

Wishing you the best for January 2021 – whatever that looks like for you