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    Corporate Workshops

    A series of bespoke wellness workshops, with a Holistic approach encompassing mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, sound therapy, some gentle movement techniques (Yoga/chair Yoga) to contribute to the emotional, mental, and physical wellness of employees. Work wellness has been proven to increase employee connection with their work, their productivity, their colleagues, their career and their work-life balance.

    Offered as a one day in-person workshop, as requested, with option of adding 1-1 treatment sessions in the afternoon. Currently available on Zoom, as a series of 6×30 minute sessions. Where we would begin with some introductory sessions, followed with the option of basing the session on the needs of the individuals attending.

    Encompass the creation of a “culture of health” at the workstation, from this sense of well-being employees can create a healthier and happier life. Often clients fall asleep in a session, which is really beneficial for them.

    I often combine Acupuncture with CranioSacral therapy, deepening the session and increasing the benefit to the client even further.

    Cupping is also part of TCM, it uses suction cups to help treat conditions, it’s the inverse of massage and it is great for easing tense muscles, encouraging blood flow, increasing circulation, & sedating the nervous system (relaxing clients). I have used it frequently when treating back & neck issues, coughs & colds, sports related aches & pains, combined with acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment. As cupping doesn’t involve pressure, it can pass over & back the spine itself! Cups can be moved or left stationary, depending on the needs of the client. The back is often the area commonly cupped but it can be practiced on various parts of body.

    €55 per session

    I am a registered member of AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association), anyone with private Health insurance can claim back a percentage of their treatment costs, as laid out by their policy. (LAYA, VHI, ILH)