Bealtaine, Facial Rejuvenation, Holistic Fest Fundraiser

Last month, I began practicing from SETU Yoga Studio in Clarinbridge, on Tuesdays, it’s a really pleasant difference working a in a space with several other practitioners. There I’m seeing clients for Acupuncture, Cupping, Facial Rejuvenation … advertising Facial Rejuvenation has led to a few questions.

What is it? How many sessions does one need? So Facial Rejuvention or Cosmetic Treatment is a part of Acupuncture practice, we still use some body points, to tonify and assist the body, to help the overall session. But the main focus is on the facial area, depending on the client, that could be any number of needles. I, myself have had facial rejuvenation, I had 40 needles used all over and fell asleep! The intention is to bring more circulation to the face, and thereby naturally aid the skin to look younger, smoother, and all-around healthier. And unlike injection procedures, facial or cosmetic acupuncture addresses signs of aging and the skin’s overall health. At the end of a session, I use pure Rosehip Oil and a facial roller, to cool the outer appearance of the skin, and it also helps to reduce inflammation (as the natural stone is cool to the touch), thereby creating contour definition. There’s no one prescription for everyone, but the suggestion is to have a number of sessions, ideally weekly, for cumulative benefit. Then annually, a top-up maintenance. Of course, a session, can be helpful for a variety of issues, while treating the face primarily. I don’t ignore, other symptoms. It’s a much more natural way to rejuvenate, than using botox alone. My most recent client, for facial rejuvenation, reports her sleep has much improved – that in itself helps ones’ face to look good.

Other news from last month, I have returned to playing WORDLE – I thought it a daft game at first – how on earth does one start?? But I’m a fan of Scrabble, so I stuck with it! Myself and my youngest, send each other our results… I always begin the game with RAISE as my 5 letter word, others I know use IRATE. If I remember correctly, there was one game, I couldn’t work out in 6 goes. And I confess, it sometimes takes me some time to work out the word. Today was a quick one for me!

Last Sunday, I organised HOLISTIC FEST in the Lady Gregory Hotel, all proceeds to Gort Bio Gas Concern Group. The high court judge will be assessing our case shortly. I’m a fan of renewable energy, but the placement of this plant…. well let’s not go there. HOLISTIC FEST was a great success, we raised €1700, all good feedback, lots of happy attendees and very happy therapists. There were 15 therapists in total, bringing their skills, healing, helping therapies, 8 workshops of varying kinds, we finished up with Sean Nos Dancing. It was a great way to try out something new, have a laugh, enjoy a refreshment, take part in our great raffle, and fundraise for a good cause.

May dates in Lámh Clinic

Friday 12th at 7pm (FULLY BOOKED)

Friday 19th at 7pm

Restorative Yoga – Yoga Nidra – Sound Bath Meditation

Saturday 27th from 7-9.30pm

(this event is a benefit for Revolution Period, all proceeds to county Galway collection, for those who can’t afford to purchase Sanitary products) This is a nationwide event with many other workshops ongoing, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th.

I have done some training with Kitty Maguire, who is the brainchild of Revolution Period. I’ve learned a lot from those trainings.

If you’ve any questions, or would you like to book for anything mentioned above

Get in touch with me or phone/text me on 0872232394

Bealtaine Blessings