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    Close-up of senior female back with steel needles during procedure of the acupuncture therapy


    Acupuncture is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are various schools of thought on it’s origins. Using Acupuncture needles (hypodermic needles are 20 times thicker), to help the movement of Qi (Chi) within the body, through the 12 meridians (based on the organs of the body). Each client is assessed on their signs & symptoms on the day & at that time, not on a western diagnosis only, though of course it is taken into consideration. No two clients’ treatment would be exactly the same & sometimes each session for the same client would be slightly different. The (w)holistic approach is to view the client’s WHOLE body in a session, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Issues I treat on a regular basis – sinus, back pain, PMS, frozen shoulder, neck stiffness, knee pain, fertility, lack of sleep, headaches to name but a few.

    A client should get a sensation from needling, but this is NOT a painful sensation. Often clients fall asleep in a session, which is really beneficial for them.

    I often combine Acupuncture with CranioSacral therapy, deepening the session and increasing the benefit to the client even further.

    Cupping is also part of TCM, it uses suction cups to help treat conditions, it’s the inverse of massage and it is great for easing tense muscles, encouraging blood flow, increasing circulation, & sedating the nervous system (relaxing clients). I have used it frequently when treating back & neck issues, coughs & colds, sports related aches & pains, combined with acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment. As cupping doesn’t involve pressure, it can pass over & back the spine itself! Cups can be moved or left stationary, depending on the needs of the client. The back is often the area commonly cupped but it can be practiced on various parts of body.

    €70 per session

    I am a registered member of AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association), anyone with private Health insurance can claim back a percentage of their treatment costs, as laid out by their policy. (LAYA Healthcare, VHI, Aviva, HSF, ILH)